Russia Ready to Discuss Strategic Stability With U.S., Waits for New Administration - Putin [Sadly, Putin will be waiting a long time, because "elections" in the U.S. are rigged by the deep state six ways to Sunday.] | 4 July 2024 | Russia is ready to discuss the issues of strategic stability with the United States but it is necessary to wait for the new administration in Washington to understand their stance, President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday. "We have to wait for the U.S. elections and understand the mood and preferences of the future administration. We are ready for that," Putin told reporters, adding that Russia is ready for a "dialogue" with the U.S. Putin also said that it is "impossible" to talk about constructive dialogue before elections in the U.S. The president also recalled that Russia has formulated its security proposals, adding that there should be a "goodwill" from other countries as well.

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