Criminals released in Arizona by Border Patrol later arrested in New England | 2 July 2024 | Border Patrol agents continue to release violent criminals into the U.S. who are later arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers thousands of miles away. While numerous examples exist, in three recent cases, Border Patrol agents in Arizona released violent criminals who were later arrested nearly 3,000 miles away in New England. On June 12, ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations-Boston agents arrested an Ecuadorian illegally living in Northampton, Massachusetts, who was wanted by Ecuadorian authorities. He first entered the country illegally on June 4, 2021, when he was arrested by Border Patrol agents near San Luis, Arizona. Instead of processing him for removal, the agents issued him a "notice to appear" before a federal immigration judge at a date in the future and released him into the U.S... He illegally entered Arizona after fleeing Ecuador to escape going to prison after he was arrested and charged with raping a minor and invasion of privacy. It wasn't until after May 16, 2023, when Ecuadorian authorities issued an arrest warrant for him as a fugitive that he was known to U.S. authorities. It would take nearly another year, not until June 12, 2024, for ICE ERO Boston deportation officers to take him into custody.

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