Biden's family tells him to 'keep fighting' during crisis talks at Camp David as son Hunter emerges as a key advisor after debate debacle against Trump sparked calls for him to drop out of presidential race | 1 July 2024 | Joe Biden's entire family has gathered at Camp David to discuss the president's [sic] future after his shockingly bad debate against Donald Trump. The White House and campaign blame a "cold" for Biden's low and, at times, hard-to-understand speaking voice. Others say this is what the president is like on a day-to-day basis now, and it has even Democrats wondering if Biden needs to be replaced in time for November, as his poll numbers slide further behind Trump. Many have seen Biden's wife, Dr. Jill Biden, as the one person who could sway the president either way. However, this time, son Hunter -- found guilty of three criminal charges in his blockbuster gun and drugs trial on June 11 and someone who has constantly distracted people from his father's foibles -- has been the one to speak up most fervently for his father. According to a new report, Biden's eldest living son -- who is notorious for his wild exploits with booze, drugs, and women in addition to his convictions -- is turning into the most adamant member of the Biden family to insist he remain in the race.

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