DHS identifies over 400 migrants brought to the U.S. by an ISIS-affiliated human smuggling network | 26 June 2024 | The Department of Homeland Security has identified over 400 immigrants from Central Asia and elsewhere who crossed into the U.S. in the past three years as "subjects of concern" because they were brought by an ISIS-affiliated human smuggling network, three U.S. officials tell NBC News. While over 150 of them have been arrested, the whereabouts of over 50 remain unknown, the officials said, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement is looking to arrest them on immigration charges when they are located. One of the U.S. officials said people affiliated with ISIS [I-CIA-SIS] are operating as human smugglers in Central Asia and helping people there leave their countries and travel to the West, where they are then smuggled into the U.S.

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