Terrifying new video shows moment panic-stricken Russian tourists run for their lives as shrapnel from downed U.S.-supplied ATACMS missile falls over crowded Crimean beach | 25 June 2024 | Shocking footage has emerged of the moment a beach in Crimea was turned into a hellscape as terrified sunbathers fled the shore to escape falling shrapnel from a downed [U.S.-provided] Ukrainian missile this weekend. Blasts rang out in sunny Sevastopol and on Uchkuevka beach on Sunday, prompting a desperate mass evacuation as parents scooped up children playing in the sand and sprinted for cover. Other clips later showed how injured holidaymakers were carted away from the scene on sunloungers. At least four people including two children were killed and 153 people were injured in the incident on Sunday, according to Russian reports. Moscow this week squarely blamed Washington, claiming the explosions were caused by U.S.-supplied ATACMS missiles tipped with cluster munitions that were shot down by air defences. Russian officials said that the missiles were supplied to Kyiv, aimed and guided by the US military, vowing retaliation.

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