U.S. lawmaker condemns attack on Crimea --The American military should defend its own country, Marjorie Taylor Greene has said | 24 June 2024 | The American military should not be involved in helping Ukraine to target Russian civilians, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has said in response to the deadly ATACMS strike on a Sevastopol beach. A volley of ATACMS missiles, provided by the U.S. to Ukraine, targeted Crimea on Sunday. Cluster munitions from one of the missiles struck a busy beach near Sevastopol, killing five civilians and injuring over 150, including children. "This should not be happening," Greene posted on X. "Imagine if Russia, using a Russian satellite, fired cluster munitions on a Florida beach." "The only border our American military should be defending is our own border," the Georgia Republican added. Greene was quoting a report that showed a U.S. Global Hawk military drone circling around in the Black Sea during the Ukrainian attack, appearing to help Kiev's forces with using the U.S.-supplied missiles.

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