Legal expert says gag order in Trump case is 'untethered' to 'rationale' after court order --John Gotti, Lucky Luciano 'weren't silenced the way former President Trump was,' another expert says | 19 June 2024 | A New York appeals court on Tuesday kept in place a gag order on former President Trump, who asked the court to lift the ban on his speech after the recent guilty verdict in his unprecedented criminal trial. Now that the trial has concluded and the former president and presumptive GOP nominee in the 2024 presidential election awaits sentencing next month, a legal expert says the gag order, which Judge Juan Merhcan has refused to lift, is "untethered from any compelling rationale." "You have a local New York judge effectively limiting what the leading presidential candidate can say in the months leading up to an election," Jonathan Turley, practicing defense attorney and law professor, told Fox News Digital. "The continuation of the gag order seems untethered from any compelling rationale, particularly in light of the election," he said.

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