Joe Biden's 2022 Vow to Use Constitution to Block Trump Sparked Eruption of Lawfare Linked to White House | 10 June 2024 | Joe Biden vowed in November 2022 to pursue measures beyond the ballot box to prevent former President Donald Trump's reelection. That sensational pledge preceded an eruption of extraordinary legal assaults on Trump, with one pivotal date emerging that undercuts Biden's denial of White House involvement. That day, November 18, 2022, the significance of which is previously unreported, has emerged as a catalyst in the startling timeline of events unleashing lawfare against Trump in jurisdictions across the country. Three events took place on November 18 either at or with the knowledge and involvement of the White House that directly led to a remarkable escalation of the lawfare launched against Trump... The significance of the three events alone and the timeline that followed strongly suggest a coordination of efforts by the Biden White House, which resulted in Trump being charged in Manhattan, Florida, D.C., and Atlanta.

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