U.S. state sues Pfizer over 'misleading' Covid-19 vaccine claims --The company hid evidence linking its shots to heart inflammation conditions, Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach has claimed | 18 June 2024 | The U.S. state of Kansas has initiated legal action against Pfizer over "misleading claims" that the pharmaceutical giant allegedly made regarding its Covid-19 vaccine's effectiveness and the risks associated with it. Several manufacturers began developing Covid-19 vaccines in the months after the World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared a pandemic in March 2020. Governments across the world subsequently began mandating inoculation... On Monday, Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach filed a lawsuit claiming that Pfizer had deliberately hidden evidence linking the vaccine to myocarditis and pregnancy complications. "Pfizer made multiple misleading statements to deceive the public about its vaccine at a time when Americans needed the truth," Kobach said in a statement.

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