Journalist threatened with jail over publishing trans shooter's manifesto | 16 June 2024 | A journalist from the Tennessee Star is being summoned to appear in court and faces jail time for publishing journal writings of transgender shooter Audrey Hale, sparking freedom of the press concerns. The article revealed that Hale, who shot and killed six people at the Covenant Elementary school in March 2023, wrote that she would "kill" to get puberty blockers weeks before her horrific act. For more than a year, Nashville Chancellor I'Ashea Myles has been presiding over a public records case wherein the plaintiffs are suing to get the right to release documents related to the shooting...But since the case in ongoing, Myles is claiming that the Tennessee Star may have published "certain purported documents and information" that should have remained under seal. At Myle's request, Tennessee Star editor-in-chief Michael Patrick Leahy will appear in court Monday to explain why his news outlet didn't violate the court order.

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