COVID Vaccine Mandates Ruled Unconstitutional | 12 June 2024 | A federal court just ruled against the constitutionality of COVID-19 vaccines mandates — and the ruling is liable to reach well beyond the 2020 coronavirus outbreak. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (one rung below the U.S. Supreme Court) ruled the Los Angeles United School District (LAUSD), which required teachers and other employees to get the COVID-19 jab "or lose their jobs interfered with their fundamental right to refuse medical treatment." The 9th Circuit reversed a lower court's ruling in Health Freedom Defense Fund (HFDF) v. Alberto Carvalho [superintendent of LAUSD]. The ruling is, for all intents and purposes, the law of the land -- at least for the time being. Similar cases are working their way through the courts in other regions of the U.S. No doubt the HFDF ruling will embolden groups who believe they were harmed by vaccine mandates in employers' COVID-19 policies to keep the litigation ball rolling.

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