New Jersey congressional primary results delayed after 1,900 mail ballots unsealed prematurely --"I'm not saying to throw these ballots out. I'm saying the election process was compromised," Atlantic County Republican Committee Chairman Don Purdy said. | 6 June 2024 | A New Jersey judge will decide whether to count about 1,900 mail ballots from Atlantic County in a congressional primary election after the ballots were unsealed prematurely. On Friday, Superior Court Judge Michael J. Blee will hear arguments over whether the 1,909 mail ballots cast in both the Democratic and Republican primary elections on Tuesday will be counted after the ballot envelopes were unsealed too early, The Associated Press reported. The outcome of the hearing could affect the 2nd Congressional District's Democratic primary results, where businessman Joe Salerno is currently leading attorney Tim Alexander by about 400 votes in unofficial results.

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