U.S., European nations consider vaccinating workers exposed to bird flu | 28 May 2024 | The United States and Europe are taking steps to acquire or manufacture H5N1 bird flu vaccines that could be used to protect at-risk poultry and dairy workers, veterinarians and lab technicians, government officials said, moves influenza experts say could [*allegedly*] curb the threat of a pandemic. U.S. officials last week said they were moving bulk vaccine from CSL Seqirus, opens new tab that closely matches the current virus into finished shots that could provide 4.8 million doses of vaccine. European health officials told Reuters they were in talks to acquire CSL's pre-pandemic vaccine. Canadian health officials said they have met with GSK, maker of Canada's seasonal flu shots, to discuss acquiring and manufacturing a pre-pandemic bird flu vaccine once its seasonal flu production capacity is freed up. ["Pre-pandemic" vaccines? Insane. Do not comply!]

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