Outrage in small Missouri town as cop shoots and kills tiny blind, deaf dog that he was called to help after 'mistaking it for a stray that needed to be put down' | 24 May 2024 | A small Missouri town is up in arms after a local cop fatally shot a blind and deaf dog after he mistook is for a stray. Tiny 13-pound Shih Tzu mix Teddy was tragically gunned down in Sturgeon, a town of just 900 people, on Sunday, leaving its owner Nick Hunter enraged. In footage from KOMU of Hunter confronting police officer Myron Woodson, the emotional pet lover said: "Was my dog a threat to you or anyone else?" ...The owner added that after meeting the disabled pooch, he "instantly fell in love with his bubbly and playful personality," adding: "He was so small you could hold him in one hand." Hunter told the outlet that he was considering taking legal action over the shooting, and was seen in footage confronting Woodson.

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