Former NIH Director Admits Government Was Top Source of Covid Misinformation | 17 May 2024 | Four years ago, U.S. state, local, and federal goverments pushed "social-distancing" policies separating Americans six feet away from other people everywhere they went. Now former National Institute of Health (NIH) Director Francis Collins has admitted no "science or evidence" ever backed these heavy-handed, comprehensive restrictions. A memo National Review obtained, from the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic, details Collins's closed-door testimony earlier this year. It reveals that Collins had not seen evidence on March 22, 2020, to support the widely obeyed federal policy when the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) instituted six-foot social distancing rules... So Collins admits the federal government lacked any scientific basis for this massive social policy it pushed on Americans, including by colluding with Big Tech to shut down public debate about Covid-19 responses. Such debate could have revealed that many Covid policies weren't backed by good research. Instead, numerous federal officials pressed Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to shut down skepticism and contrary information it falsely labeled "misinformation" and "disinformation..."

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