Same company running hospitals where seniors died allegedly took out life insurance policies on patients, cashed them in after their deaths | 6 May 2024 | An elaborate senior scam is coming to light that implicates Apollo Global Management for committing insurance fraud on the backs of deceased elderly folks. A new lawsuit alleges that Apollo took out illegal life insurance policies on seniors through a complex web of shell trusts, including affiliate Financial Credit Investment, which managed about $20 billion worth of stranger-affiliated policies. "In short, Apollo has been carrying out a widespread fraudulent human life wagering conspiracy designed to not only hide its involvement, but to create the false appearance that the policies it owns are somehow legitimate," the lawsuit states... The elaborate scheme was carefully created as a highly convincing illusion of legitimacy, prompting the estate of someone named Martha Barotz to initiate legal action in Delaware's Chancery Court. "In this way, the senior citizens have no idea who owns a policy on their life, and who wants them dead," the suit further states.

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