GOP bill adding citizenship question to 2030 census passes House without a single Democrat | 8 May 2024 | The House of Representatives passed a bill Wednesday evening to add a citizenship question to the next U.S. census, with zero Democrats voting in favor. "If you are an illegal immigrant, you should not be represented in the U.S. Congress," House Majority Whip Tom Emmer, R-Minn., told Fox News Digital after the vote. The legislation is called the Equal Representation Act, led by Rep. Chuck Edwards, R-N.C. In addition to including a question on citizenship status on the census, the bill would also exclude non-citizens from the population count when factoring how many lawmakers in the House of Representatives each state gets, as well as the number of electors for all 50 states. It passed along party lines with 206 Republicans in favor and 202 Democrats against.

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