'Damning' report details Biden regime's Big Tech censorship push, deciding which books were permissible to read  --Emails also revealed Biden regime wanted to crack down on 'vaccine misinformation' | 3 May 2024 | Internal communications of executives from Big Tech companies reveal "damning discoveries" of the Biden regime's attempt to muzzle the platforms, a new House committee report published this week revealed. Following House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan's (R-Ohio) subpoena last year, tech giants like Google-parent Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Meta and Microsoft were investigated regarding their communications with the federal government. Jordan said at the time that he wanted to "understand how and to what extent the Executive Branch coerced and colluded with companies and other intermediaries to censor speech." The House Judiciary Committee's 800-page report, titled "The Censorship-industrial Complex: How Top Biden White House Officials Coerced Big Tech to Censor Americans, True Information, and Critics of the Biden Administration," included several instances where the platforms censored information relating to COVID-19 due to top-down pressure. Big Tech altered their content-moderation policies in 2021, the report said. Facebook, YouTube and Amazon all adjusted their policies to censor information ranging from COVID-19 "misinformation" to what kinds of books were permissible on the Amazon Marketplace.

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