Two possible bird flu vaccines could be available within weeks, if needed [Yes, and gas station sushi is likely 100 times safer.] --The H5N1 virus has infected at least 36 herds across nine states, raising the risk of potential human spread, federal health officials said Wednesday. | 1 May 2024 | The U.S. has two vaccines ready should the strain of bird flu circulating in dairy cows begin spreading easily to people, federal health officials said Wednesday. They could begin shipping doses widely within weeks, if needed. So far, there’s no evidence that H5N1 is spreading person-to-person, although one dairy worker in Texas who worked closely with infected cattle had a mild infection and developed conjunctivitis, or pinkeye, in April. At a briefing Wednesday, government health officials said they are preparing for a potential scenario of H5N1 jumping from animal to person - or person to person [their goal - to fire up the mail-in "ballots" once again for the 4:00 a.m. coup]. The virus has taken off in dairy cows, infecting at least 36 herds across nine states, raising concerns that it could acquire mutations that would make it easier to spill over into humans.

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