Portion of I-95 to remain closed for several days after tractor-trailer carrying thousands of gallons of gasoline explodes into massive inferno --Local hazmat teams and other authorities flocked to the site to clean up the hazardous material, reports said. --Officials urged drivers to look for other routes. | 2 May 2024 | A tanker truck filled to the brim with gasoline slammed into a tractor-trailer and burst into a fiery inferno Thursday morning on Interstate 95 in Connecticut. The blaze -- which shut down both sides of the highway, a major East Coast artery -- erupted at about 5 a.m., according to the Hartford Courant. And if that's not enough of a travel nightmare for drivers, the portion of the major highway affected by the fire will remain closed for the next two to five days, WTNH reported. The tanker, which was carrying about 8,500 gallons of gas, hit the truck and a passenger vehicle near Exit 15 near the Fairfield Avenue overpass, the Courant said. [According to the Hartford Courant article, Ned Lamont (D) urged people who must travel "to use public transportation if possible." I-95 is a major East Coast artery. Once again, Agenda 2030 is the plan - they're pushing it with every bridge/highway disaster. The goal is to make driving and flying so inconvenient and expensive that the only acceptable alternative will be the implementation of 15-minute cities.]

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