Hotel in trendy NYC neighborhood quietly converted into shelter for migrant families | 28 April 2024 | A hotel in one of New York City’s trendiest neighborhoods has been quietly converted into emergency housing for migrants for the past several months. Mayor Eric Adams's administration has recently awarded a $12.3 million emergency contract to a not-for-profit social service provider to run a "city sanctuary facility for families with children" at 235 Meeker Avenue in Williamsburg - the address of the Hotel Le Jolie. The Department of Homeless Services issued the contract to the Brooklyn-based St. P.A.U.L.S. Inc. to manage the facility. Hotel Le Jolie was converted into a shelter for migrant families sometime last year, on a[n allegedly] temporary basis. In January, the Adams administration inked a new emergency $76.69 million contract with the Hotel Association of New York City to provide "last resort" shelter to migrant families. [If this were a script for a science fiction movie, no one would believe it. Beyond insane. The "uniparty" is fine with it - all to facilitate the acceptance by a compliant population of the WEF's Agenda 2030 goals.]

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