Florida dolphin dies of 'mutated' bird flu that is 18 TIMES more resistant to drug treatment --The dolphin was infected with highly pathogenic avian influenza A (H5N1) virus of HA clade | 29 April 2024 | A bottlenose dolphin in Florida has become one of the latest mammals to die from bird flu, according to a new report. Scientists from the University of Florida found this particular bird flu victim after they were notified of a dolphin that appeared to be in distress, but a necropsy following its death revealed it contracted a highly deadly strain. The team discovered the virus in the mammal's brain and lungs, which had mutated to become 18 times more resistant to current drug treatments. Farmed poultry and wild birds in the U.S. have been falling victim to highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses since the end of 2021, but recently it has begun spilling over into cows and other mammals.

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