Insane in the membrane: Biden signs $95 billion foreign military spending bill --The package includes $61 billion for Ukraine, with funds destined for purchase of weapons and military equipment | 24 April 2024 | Joe Biden signed a long-stalled $95-billion foreign aid package on Wednesday, after the Senate voted resoundingly to approve the funds for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. The package, including $61 billion for Ukraine, passed in a 79-18 vote on Tuesday evening, after both Republican and Democratic lawmakers voted overwhelmingly to end a filibuster and advance the measure. Biden praised congressional leaders and lawmakers...saying he would immediately begin the process of sending much-needed weaponry to Ukraine as early as this week. The House also voted on Saturday to approve separate bills providing $26 billion in aid to Israel and $8 billion for Taiwan and other Indo-Pacific region allies. In addition, the emergency spending package includes $9 billion in humanitarian aid for civilians in Gaza and other war zones. [But not one cent to close the U.S. borders and stem the invasion.]

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