ICE Boston arrested 4 alleged child rapists in a single morning. Local courts keep letting them go | 17 April 2024 | In one city (Boston), the feds rounded up FOUR accused child rapists from the "migrant" community in a SINGLE MORNING. "That's every day up here in Boston." Fox News national correspondent Bill Melugin posted Monday on X:  "ICE Boston says this Brazilian illegal alien was apprehended by Border Patrol in AZ in July 2021, then released into the U.S., & later arrested in Massachusetts for child rape in Dec. 2023. ICE says the Milford District Court ignored their detainer request & released him into the community on $5,000 bail without notice in late January. We were embedded with ICE as they found & arrested him in Lowell, MA, two weeks ago." This isn't a one-off. A court released another illegal even though he was accused of TEN COUNTS of AGGRAVATED CHILD RAPE...

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