North Carolina high school student is suspended for writing 'illegal alien' in an assignment after another student threatened to hurt him for using term --Christian McGhee, 16, suspended was from Central Davidson High School --He questioned the term 'alien' in an assignment during classroom discussion --His comment reportedly offended another student, who threatened him | 17 April 2024 | A North Carolina high school student has been suspended for using the phrase "illegal alien" in class. Christian McGhee, 16, was suspended for three days from Central Davidson High School, after using the term during a classroom discussion about word meanings. Christian questioned the term "alien" in an assignment, asking if it referred to "space aliens or illegal aliens without green cards," as reported by the Carolina Journal. His comment reportedly offended another student who physically threatened McGhee, leading to the involvement of school authorities. "I didn't make a statement directed towards anyone -- I asked a question," Christian told the Carolina Journal. [We're sinking into "Maoist struggle session" territory. Sue the school district into oblivion! --LRP]

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