Boeing whistleblower warns 787 Dreamliner could 'fall apart' in midair unless safety issues addressed | 17 April 2024 | Boeing whistleblower Sam Salehpour has doubled down on his claims that Boeing 787 Dreamliner planes need to be grounded due to widespread safety concerns. Salehpour, a Boeing engineer, previously alleged in documents to the FAA and during an interview with The New York Times that shortcuts taken when manufacturing the jets could become a serious problem as the airplanes get older, raising even more questions regarding the company's manufacturing practices. "I think it's as serious as I have ever seen in my lifetime," Salehpour told NBC News in a Tuesday interview. "The entire fleet worldwide, as far as I'm concerned, needs attention." When asked what would happen in the event of a fatigue failure on a 787 at altitude, Salehpour told NBC, "The plane will fall apart at the joints we're talking about." He added, "Once you fall apart, you're gonna descend all the way to the ground."

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