Message from AirBnB: Expect governments to restrict travel after June 6, 2024 --Claiming "foreseeable weather events...leading to government travel restriction or large-scale utility outage" By Sasha Latypova | 10 April 2024 | This is a quick post to report on an interesting email I received on April 6 from AirBnB: We're updating our Extenuating Circumstances Policy and changing its name to make it easier to understand. The revised Major Disruptive Events Policy will apply to all trips and Experiences taking place on or after June 6, 2024, regardless of when they were booked. Foreseeable weather events at the reservation's location are explicitly eligible for coverage if they result in another covered event, such as a government travel restriction or large-scale utility outage. The policy will only apply to events in the place where the reservation is located. Events that impact a guest's ability to travel to the reservation are no longer covered.

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