RFK Jr. Will Seek Libertarian Party Presidential Nomination --By Lori Price, www.legitgov.org. | 9 April 2024 |

CLG News has learned and confirmed with several reputable sources within the Libertarian Party (LP) that Robert Kennedy, Jr., will or has already made a sizable donation to the LP. Further, sources confirm that he will, at least passively, seek the Libertarian Party nomination to be its candidate for President of the United States.

Given the enormous hurdles he faces for ballot access and the costs of obtaining it in 50 states, RFK Jr. is no doubt attempting to win the Libertarian Party nomination for the ballot access that the LP has secured in at least 48 states.

Michael Rectenwald, a leading Libertarian Party candidate for the LP presidential nomination, wrote to CLG News about this development:

"For Libertarians, the argument against RFK Jr. is simple. RFK Jr. is not a libertarian in any sense of the word. He's a statist who believes the State is the solution to all our problems, whereas Libertarians know that the State is the problem itself. He intends to add layers to the behemoth that is the federal government, including for first-time homeowners a guaranteed 3% mortgage program backed by the federal government and tied to the federal bond market. He has said that this program would be like having a 'rich uncle' cosign on mortgage loans. I ask what rich uncle this might be. Would that be Uncle Sam, who is 34.5 trillion dollars in debt?

"RFK Jr.'s whole pitch is that the behemoth known as the federal government simply needs to be commandeered by benevolent people like himself, not that it needs to be dramatically reduced or abolished, or that its massive and increasingly coercive agencies must be eliminated.

"It would be an utter travesty if the Libertarian Party were to nominate RFK Jr. But I find it extremely unlikely. So, it will mean that I will defeat a Kennedy in a political contest. Watch as I RecTheRegime!"

The Libertarian Party national convention, where it will nominate its presidential candidate, will be held in Washington, D.C., over the Memorial Day weekend, May 23-26.

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