Here comes "Disease X" - we will not comply! 'The CDC is taking bird flu VERY seriously': Director says agency is keeping 'very close eye' on situation and reveals plan to mass-produce H5N1 vaccines if virus causes pandemic --Experts are alarmed by the ease with which the virus is jumping between species [Because that's the plan!] | 4 April 2024 | The CDC is taking the US bird flu outbreak 'very seriously' amid growing fears the virus could jump to humans and cause an epidemic. A farm worker in Texas became the second American ever to be infected with the H5N1 strain this week after catching it from an infected cow -- also the first time that bird flu has been found in cattle. Mandy Cohen, the agency's director, told NPR that officials were "monitoring the situation very closely" as farms in six states struggle with outbreaks on dairy farms. The ease with which this virus is jumping between species [as they're conducting experiments to make that happen] raises the risk of it evolving to better infect people, which prompted one expert to tell it could pose a greater risk than Covid.

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