Homeland Security arrests 3 at suspected migrant squatter house | 3 April 2024 | Department of Homeland Security (DHS) agents arrested three people Wednesday afternoon at a New York City house that has been at the center of a squatting, drugs and guns story involving migrants. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents were also at the scene to help with the arrests, which were captured live on America Reports. Documents viewed by Fox News Digital reveal that the landlord moved to evict tenants from the building in October after their lease term ended on Oct. 13... Federal agents showed up at the house in the Bronx where six suspected migrant squatters, who were arrested on drugs and weapons charges last week, were understood to be living. The six had been set loose by a New York City judge on no-cash bail, despite prosecutors requesting they post bail as high as $150,000 cash for one migrant who had previously been arrested and charged with attempted murder.

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