Trump posts $175M bond in civil fraud case, freeing up ex-president to start appeal and avoid seizing of assets | 1 April 2024 | Donald Trump has posted a $175 million bond in his New York civil fraud case, freeing him up to start appealing the massive judgment. The Knight Specialty Insurance Company backed the bond, an attorney for the Los Angeles-based firm wrote in a court filing Monday. "As promised, President Trump has posted bond," the former commander-in-chief's lawyer, Alina Habba, said in a statement Monday evening. "He looks forward to vindicating his rights on appeal and overturning this unjust verdict." Trump, 77, successfully lobbied an appeals court to lower the bond from the full nearly half-billion judgment amount to the drastically reduced figure and gave him 10 days from the day of the decision, on March 25, to post the lessened bond.

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