'You're breaking my arm!' Police illegally drag 84-year-old widow Dr. Ena Farley from her home By Free Ena Farley (Video and summary) | 1 March 2024 | On February 5, 2023, police with no warrant and no court order and no judicial authority kidnapped with force 84-year-old Dr. Ena Farley. She was not mentally incompetent and had not been declared so. She was the sole owner of her house. Police claimed she had to take blood-pressure pills, pills that were in the house. Despite the clear illegality of what police did, Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley has not charged anyone with a crime. Please ask her to charge someone: District Attorney's Office, 47 S. Fitzhugh St., Rochester, NY 14614. Phone: (585) 753-4500. Fax: (585) 753-4576. (Free faxes can be sent via faxzero.com.) Email: districtattorney@monroecounty.gov. The privacy complaint was illegitimate. This is an edited video from public-domain police body-camera footage... Dr. Jonathan Farley, who is in this video, did not make the privacy complaint. Most of the police and ambulance-workers are not mentioned but are indisputably filmed on police body-camera footage committing a crime. They would have no legitimate privacy complaint to make.

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