Outrage as Biden proclaims Easter Sunday as 'Trans Day of Visibility' - as White House BANS children from submitting religious-themed Easter egg designs at annual event for military families --Biden sparked backlash by declaring this Easter Sunday to be a national 'Transgender Day of Visibility' --The White House also banned any Easter Egg Roll event entries with 'questionable content,' including religious symbols and political statements | 30 March 2024 | Joe Biden has sparked outrage by declaring this Easter Sunday will also officially become Transgender Day of Visibility. The White House doubled up backlash as it also banned religious imagery in submissions from children of military families taking part in the traditional Easter Egg Roll event, as critics branded the moves an "attack on Christianity." It comes as the White House drew controversy before the Easter Egg Roll tradition, which is set to be held on Monday in an event that dates back to 1877.

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