Republicans who supported $1.2T spending bill accused of enabling Democratic immigration policies --"You own the continued mass parole of illegal aliens into our country," Roy says to fellow Republicans. | 23 March 2024 | Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, argued that the 101 House Republicans who voted in favor of the massive $1.2 trillion spending bill that passed on Friday supported legislation that contradicts their own policy positions on issues like illegal immigration. The final vote was 286-134 with 185 Democrats and 101 Republicans voting in favor of the measure in the House. "DHS funding contingent on signing H.R. 2 into law, that's what we did last year to make sure our border would be secure; that is punted, so you own it," Roy said Friday on the House floor. "Defunding Alejandro Mayorkas, we did that in our bill, this punts that, it's no longer there, you own it. Prohibiting the mass parole and release of illegal aliens via the CBP one app. We did that in our bill last year. This bill gets rid of it, you own it. You own the continued mass parole of illegal aliens into our country. You own that. That's the truth," he added.

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