Russian MP warns French soldiers not to enter Ukraine --Pyotr Tolstoy has accused Paris of provoking World War III | 21 March 2024 | France should think twice before sending troops to Ukraine, Russian State Duma Deputy Chairman Pyotr Tolstoy has said. Speaking to French BFM TV on Thursday, he warned that any French soldier who comes to Ukraine to fight against Russia will be eliminated. His comments came in response to recent remarks made by French President Emmanuel Macron about potentially sending troops to the conflict zone. Last month, Macron triggered a barrage of criticism when he said that he "cannot exclude" the possibility of Western soldiers being deployed to aid Ukraine. While most NATO member states rushed to disavow his words and claimed that they had no such plans, the French leader later reaffirmed his stance by saying he recognizes no limits or Russian "red lines" when it comes to backing Kiev. Tolstoy warned that Macron's idea of sending French soldiers to Ukraine "will end with coffins covered by the [French] tricolor flag."