U.S. has created 'Frankenstein' states - British MP --Israel and Ukraine now dictate to Washington, George Galloway has claimed | 14 March 2024 | The American policy of giving billions in aid to Ukraine and Israel has created "monster" states, British MP George Galloway has claimed. Appearing on Direct Impact broadcast on RT, Galloway discussed the debate surrounding Western aid to Ukraine, as well as the rift between US President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the situation in Gaza... Comparing Washington to the fictional scientist Frankenstein, Galloway told Sanchez: "When you make a monster...it's no longer yours. It's a monster that can do monstrous things. And that's what they have done with Netanyahu and people like him who now run Israel." Israel is the biggest cumulative recipient of U.S. military aid, provided with around $3.8 billion worth of weapons and defense systems each year. Galloway also used the Frankenstein analogy to refer to the Ukrainian government, which he claimed has become a "client state" that now "tells the paymaster what to do."