Meet the Group Threatening Americans' Freedom You've Probably Never Heard of | 11 March 2024 | For much of the twentieth century, the Uniform Law Commission (ULC) played an important, nonpartisan, uncontroversial role in helping states adopt uniform laws. But in recent decades, the group has become increasingly more radical. It now regularly pushes policymakers to adopt legislation that undermines the rights of individuals and enhances the power of governments, large corporations, and financial institutions. Take, for example, the disturbing model bill titled the Public-Health Emergency Authority Act (PHEAA). The ULC drafted and formally approved PHEAA in 2023, and it's now asking legislators to pass it into law. n the event that a "public health emergency" breaks out in the future, the PHEAA would effectively turn governors across the country into all-powerful quasi-dictators. Under the ULC's public health emergency bill, governors would have the right to seize control of virtually every part of their citizens' lives. They would also have the authority to single-handedly regulate public-health-related "testing, isolation, quarantine, movement, gathering, evacuation, or relocation of individuals."

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