Ukraine seizes apartment of 80-year-old Russia supporter - media --The court also sentenced the elderly woman, who left the country years ago, to four years in prison | 10 March 2024 | A court in the Ukrainian city of Vinnytsa has mandated the confiscation of the apartment of an 80-year-old woman for posting pro-Russia comments on social media, the Ukrainian news daily TSN reported on Saturday. Alla Stadnitskaya not only lost her apartment and all her property in Ukraine following the court ruling but was also sentenced to four years behind bars. The woman has been living with her relatives in Russia since the Covid-19 pandemic, so the verdict was issued in absentia. The ruling reportedly marks the first case in Ukraine's history when a court has ordered the confiscation of someone's property for expressing such views. [WHY are U.S. taxpayers funding the Nazi dictatorship in Ukraine?]

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