Biden botches name of migrant-murdered 'Lincoln' Riley in Trump-bashing State of the Union speech | 8 March 2024 | President [sic] Biden stunned listeners Thursday as he veered from his highly partisan State of the Union address script to call out Georgia nursing student Laken Riley’s murder last month by an illegal immigrant -- erring twice by calling her "Lincoln." Biden, 81, began his campaign-style speech by highlighting his best-polling positions -- railing against former President Donald Trump on issues such as abortion, NATO and the Capitol riot -- but was derailed by persistent Republican heckling, finally responding to their demands that he say Riley's name hours after the House passed legislation in her honor to require migrants who commit certain crimes be sent to federal custody. The president then held up a pin bearing Riley’s name, which Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) had handed him on his way into the chamber, with Biden telling the congresswoman, "I know how to say her name." "Lincoln - Lincoln Riley, an innocent young woman who was killed by an illegal," Biden said, both botching her name and using a term considered politically incorrect by most Democratic officeholders.

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