Trump wins TWELVE STATES to Nikki Haley's ONE in Super Tuesday steamrolling: Ex-President almost certain to face-off with Joe Biden in November - but GOP rival has 'no plans' to concede | 5 March 2024 | Donald Trump surged closer to a rematch with Joe Biden in November as he trounced Nikki Haley, his final rival for the Republican nomination, on Super Tuesday, winning twelve states to her one [open primary state]. The former president, 77, dominated the biggest day of the primary season and left the ex-South Carolina governor's White House dreams hanging by a thread. "They call it Super Tuesday for a reason - this is a big win. And they tell me, the pundit, there has never been anything so conclusive. This is an amazing night," Trump told his supporters in a speech at Mar-a-Lago. In a sign of where the contest is headed, Trump focused his attacks on Biden. "Our poll numbers are higher than Joe Biden's. He is the worst president [sic] in the history of our country. There is never been anything like what is happening to our country," Trump said. The former president did jot mention Haley by name, putting his focus on the upcoming general election.

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