Protesters shout down Athens mayor over Georgia student murder as he denies sanctuary city | 28 Feb 2024 | Angry Georgia residents interrupted Athens Mayor Kelly Girtz Wednesday morning as he held a news briefing to discuss public safety in the community after the murder of nursing student Laken Riley on the University of Georgia campus last week. The Democratic mayor delivered remarks Wednesday, nearly a week after an illegal immigrant from Venezuela named Jose Antonio Ibarra allegedly attacked Riley near Lake Herrick and UGA's Intramural Fields. "The only appropriate number of murders in this community, the number that we are gonna be working our tails off every day for, is zero," Girtz said. However, protesters interrupted him as he attempted to dismiss "the notion of a sanctuary city." "You're a liar," a man shouted, repeatedly. "You're the one who is guilty and got blood on your hands for this murder, sir!"

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