Donald Trump DESTROYS Nikki Haley in Michigan Republican presidential primary: Ex-president carries on charging to a Biden rematch as his final rival defiantly limps on in the race --The race was called for Trump immediately after all polls in the states closed | 27 Feb 2024 | Former President Donald Trump won the Michigan Republican primary Tuesday over rival [deep-state neocon] Nikki Haley. The race was called at exactly 9 p.m. - when all Michigan's polls were closed - with Trump leading Haley 65 percent to 30.9 percent, with 12 percent reporting. Trump has bested Haley in all four of the early primary states where they've both appeared on the ballot - Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and now Michigan. The former president also won the Nevada caucuses and a symbolic vote for Trump - voters choosing 'none of these candidates' - bested Haley in Nevada's presidential primary. Haley, however, has vowed to press on, telling supporters in Charleston Saturday night that she would continue in the race through Super Tuesday, March 5, when 16 states and American Samoa hold primary contests.

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