'Israeli Revengers' threaten parliament, members families over alleged Oct. 7 failings: 'A fair price' | 25 Feb 2024 | A group ominously calling itself "Israeli Revengers" is threatening to harm members of Israel's government and their families over the Jewish state's alleged failings in preventing the Oct. 7 massacre [aka false flag]. The Israeli parliament, the Knesset, has confirmed that several representatives and their relatives have received frightening letters from the previously unknown organization. The group appears to identify itself with the symbol of a red fist coming out of a black Star of David and says it's seeking to avenge those killed in the Oct. 7 Hamas attack by hurting the families of government officials who allegedly failed to recognize the signs leading up to it. “We will locate one of your family members whom we will manage to harm without being discovered,” said one of the letters received by a family member, according to a translation by The Times of Israel. "We believe that the blame for Oct. 7 largely lies with the coalition...of whom almost no one was harmed on a personal or familial level by this war," the missive said. "An attack on you is a fair price for each Member of Knesset to personally pay." [CLG News does not endorse the use of violence and this group has violated the non-aggression principle with their threats.]

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