House Intel Chairman announces 'serious national security threat,' sources say it is related to Russia | 14 Feb 2024 | House Intelligence Committee Chair Mike Turner has made information concerning a "serious national security threat" available to all members of Congress to review, the committee said on Wednesday. While Turner and the White House remained vague on what the threat entailed, two sources and a U.S. official tell CNN the threat is related to Russia. Multiple sources familiar with the intelligence characterized it as "very sensitive." One of the sources who has seen the intelligence confirmed that "it is, in fact, a highly concerning and destabilizing" Russian capability "that we were recently made aware of." But House Speaker Mike Johnson later sought to soothe concerns about the unspecified threat, saying there is "no cause for alarm." [The new "national security threat" involving Russia reminds me of the bogus claims about Iraq's WMDs, the need to topple Libya's Gaddafi ("We came, we saw, he died"), and Assad's gassing his own people. The timing couldn't be more suspicious. --Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D.]

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