Biden claims he spoke with German chancellor who died in 2017 at first G7 meeting in latest gaffe --The gaffe is similar to one Biden made Sunday after he claimed he spoke with Fran├žois Mitterrand, a French president who died in 1996, at the same meeting | 8 Feb 2024 | Joe Biden claimed he spoke with the late German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, who died in 2017, in 2021 while recalling past conversations during fundraising events on Wednesday. The gaffe marks his second of the week. Biden attended three campaign reception events in New York Wednesday afternoon, according to his schedule. At his second and third events, he told donors about conversations surrounding Jan. 6, 2021, at his first Group of Seven (G7) meeting as president, which took place in England in June of that year. Biden said that the late German Chancellor Kohl asked him what he would say if he learned 1,000 people stormed the British Parliament in an attempt to deny the next prime minister from taking office.

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