Nevada primary: 'None of these candidates' gets more votes than Nikki Haley [LOL!] | 7 Feb 2024 | In an embarrassing setback, former South Carolina governor [neocon] Nikki Haley lost the Nevada GOP presidential primary Tuesday to "none of these candidates." The loss is largely meaningless, because former President Donald Trump decided to skip the Nevada presidential preference primary and instead is expected to win the GOP-run caucuses Thursday night. That victory will give him all 26 of the state's delegates. But it's a symbolic hit to the former governor... She captured almost 32% of the vote, while "none" claimed nearly 62% with close to two-thirds of the state's votes counted. A number of Republican voters, initially confused about why Trump wasn't on their ballot, said they voted for "none of these candidates" in support of the former president.

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