Video shows woman dragged along NYC street by migrant moped gang linked to dozens of brazen attacks, 62 grand larcenies | 5 Feb 2024 | Two men were busted in the Bronx as part of a moped-riding migrant crew that has been snatching cellphones right out of New Yorkers' hands in daring bursts of street crime -- and police sources say they've already flipped on the group's ringleader. The two suspects -- Cleyber Andrade, 19, and Juan Uzcatgui, 23 -- are allegedly part of a wider ring whose members are connected to 62 different instances of grand larceny throughout the Big Apple -- including a shocking caught-on-video heist where a 62-year-old woman was brutally dragged down a Brooklyn street, police sources told The Post. But cops are still searching for the ringleader, a Venezuelan migrant named Victor Parra, 30, of the Bronx, who was cut loose by a judge in December after getting picked up for grand larceny, sources said.

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