The Ukrainian Boondoggle Must End By CLG News Founder Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D. | 25 Jan 2024 | If not for NATO and especially U.S. arms and military aid, and if not for U.S. taxpayers subsidizing Ukrainian bureaucrats, the war would have ended long ago. Now, after a long series of failed promises and claims that Ukraine stood a chance to regain territory, most U.S. taxpayers have apparently had enough--as if many hadn't had enough from the outset. Over 150,000 Ukrainian troops have been fed into the maw of death, with millions more Ukrainians displaced. No matter how long the conflict lasts, the result of the war will be the same-Russia will retain Crimea and hold control over the Donbass region. But the war hasn't only been fought in Ukraine. It's been fought against the American people as well. An endless barrage of war propaganda has been levied at those exhorted and extorted to foot the bill.

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