Biden's Parole Pipeline Freed 745K Foreign Nationals into U.S. in 2023 - Exceeding 2 Months of American Births | 27 Jan 2024 | Joe Biden's parole pipeline at the United States-Mexico border released a foreign population into American towns in 2023 that outpaces two months of American births. This week, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released illegal immigration figures for December 2023. The data shows that more than 745,000 foreign nationals were released into the United States interior through Biden’s parole pipeline in 2023. This is a foreign population larger than the populations of Nashville, Tennessee; Denver, Colorado; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Washington, D.C.; or Boston, Massachusetts. Biden's parole pipeline, which makes up just a portion of his Catch and Release network at the southern border, includes the migrant mobile app known as "CBP One" and so-called "humanitarian parole."

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