Record 302,000 migrants crossed the border in December - including 19 on FBI terror watchlist; Texas National Guard soldiers continue fortifying border with barbed wire --Soldiers have been pictured loading sharp concertina wire into trucks along the Southern Border crossing at Shelby Park, in Eagle Pass | 26 Jan 2024 | An all-time record 302,000 migrants were intercepted crossing the southern border in December - nineteen of them on the FBI's terror watchlist. The shocking figure was shared with ABC News Friday and is the highest ever recorded... Friday's provisional numbers were released as Texas National Guard soldiers continued to fortify the border with barbed wire in defiance of the Biden regime's ban on them doing so. Troops were seen loading excess wire into a truck at the border crossing at Shelby Park in Eagle Pass on Friday. Making an appearance at Eagle Pass earlier on Friday, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem (R) called out Joe Biden for refusing to defend the country "from an invasion." She also branded the area a "war zone."

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